A Diet That Works For Menopausal Women!…What??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-LXfs1qCq8

Dukan Diet Meal Ideas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP3jrUcrXCc

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  1. Stopped by to tell you that I have now lost 10 pounds!  So very excited.  Doing well and feeling strong!  Thanks again so much for telling me about this!  I hope to be a SlimSixty by October when I turn 60!

  2. Jerree, this has certainly worked wonderfully for you! You look marvelous! Thank you for sharing all your information. I enjoyed watching the other videos you did about the Dukan diet. Once again you are such an inspiration! Peace and hugs. Karen. 🙂

  3. You've convinced me.  I checked out the books from the library first to read more.  I have my shopping list and will be shopping today.  I'm really excited because it's supposed to be good for cellulite which is a huge problem for me.

  4. WOW Jerree I will try it! You look amazing. I am struggling I need to drop 50 pounds and I am up and down. I will check out the first video. Julie xoxo

  5. You are such an inspiration and loved this video  because you are so very passionate about this.  I did buy the book when I saw your last video and read it from cover to cover but did not go further not because I didn't think I would be able to do this diet just because life took over and Christmas came but this is the kick up the ass I really needed Jerree so thank you my friend.  You look fabulous and I want some of that.  Hugs xxxx

  6. Hi Jerree,  first I need to say you are so beautiful!!! 50 pounds wow, that is great. that is the amount I need to lose, I am going to get the book for sure. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you for sharing this info.  Kirsti xoxo

  7. Great motivational video Jerree! Keep up the great work!  Because of certain heath issues with my kidneys, I can't do the Dukan diet as strictly as I'd like, but over the last 21 months I've lost 80 pounds on a very very low carb diet. It's amazing how the cravings for sugars, starches and wheat products just go away within a week or two. I've never felt better!  Everyone should give this a try, but check with their Dr. to make sure they have no underlying issues that could cause problems.  I only had to tweak a few things for my Dr. to give me the ok with this.  Keep on inspiring all of us!!  Big hugs, kisses and blessings,  Susie 

  8. I am coming up on 30 pounds lost and I love it!!!  It's easy once you get used to it. I think it's important to walk every day as they recommend and drink the water!!  I did buy the book and I agree you need it if you are serious about the lifestyle. Jerree you have been my inspiration and I thank you!

  9. You are such a huge inspiration my friend. Amazing video and you look absolutely gorgeous.
    I bought the nook book of the Dukan Diet and few weeks ago and so far have lost about 5.2 pounds. Excited to see the scale moving in the right direction again. 
    Love and hugs. <3 Rocky 

  10. Jerree, you look fantastic. I swear your skin and hair look better. I just ordered this book. I'm hoping it gives me the jumpstart I need to get off those pesky pounds I've gained while diminishing my frustration. Your timing is perfect! Lol. XOX, Swoozie

  11. We are what we eat. My energy level is definitely correlated to what I eat. Eat simple carbs = low energy; avoid simple carbs = plenty of energy. This diet makes great sense. You have done fabulously. Jerree. You are always aglow.  Blessings, prayers, love, and hugs. my beautiful friend…….MaryEllen

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