Why small girl monkey is crying? Youlike Monkey 839

He is crying long time. Maybe he is hungry and want to get milk but his mum not allow.
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  1. I noticed Amber at the end of this video and I can’t help but wonder… how old is she right now? I’m gonna say about 8-9 months judging by her size. I’m curious because her mom just had another baby about 4 weeks ago and it seems pretty amazing that her mom had 2 kids less than a year apart from each other. If this is true then hopefully we’ll all soon get what we’ve been waiting for … a new baby from Popeye! She’s done a TON of mating during the fall so maybe we’ll see her shitting out a baby soon

  2. Every single time that I see an infant monkey that can't go five seconds without clinging to its mom for security (and that's all 'em), I find myself wanting to go back and watch Harlow's experiments on security in monkeys again. It's perfectly natural, they're not doing a thing wrong, and my brain still wants to see them denied of it. I do not like this cruel streak I'm finding I have.

  3. Well. Something or someone has upset her. And the young monkies are annoying her too. She just want's some reassurance and comfort from her mummy. Weaning or not. There are times when we all need our mother. Regardless of age or gender. And even animals too! I think her little cries are cute. Now. Compare them with SP's. And that is annoying! LOL

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