What I Eat In A Day | A Very Honest Eating Disorder Q&A #2 + Dealing With Binge Eating

→ What I Eat In A Day | A Very Honest Eating Disorder Q&A #2 + Dealing With Binge Eating
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Hey babes, my name is Macy Eleni! I am a 20 something year old girl, living in Los Angeles, California. Here, on my YouTube channel I share my love for fashion, thrift store shopping, skincare and my daily life. This channel is a place where I share my highs, lows and interact with YOU amazing souls! Hope you enjoy and if you do please subscribe!


  1. I burst out laughing when your sister wanted to stop to take a selfie, and you're "Tyler will kill us if we stop to take a selfie" – Takes a selfie. Fabulous <3 Absolutely gold right there hahaha – Loved how you let your sister do a little vlogging too 🙂

    I've been fortunate enough to not suffer/have suffered from binge eating. I can only image the "pain" regarding such a thing + the "shame" 🙁 I feel so sorry for everyone with this because they deserve so much more. They are beautiful, amazing people and its terrible that they, in most cases, have to deal with this alone.

    I really love how honest and raw you both are. I am also happy to know that you pretty much know what the other is going through and I can see how that helps you both in keeping each other going and being strong in dealing with this. Words can't describe how much these videos are helping Macy.

    There may not be that many subs to your channel yet, but I can without a doubt say that many are watching these <3
    You'll grow and spread the positive message. I saw your Instagram and we all have down days. All we can do is try to make the most of it and turn the day around and finish on a positive note!

    Know you've got a loyal follower here and I enjoy watching your videos and relating in so many ways.

    Take care of yourself Mace and give my love to your sister as well <3 Love ya girl and keep rocking on!
    Oh, and the love the clothes that you've got on in your Instagram photo!

  2. I literally just had another binge just like you described. The tiny bits of everything after someone offered me a wrap. IT was after a week of fasting and I am so so sick today. I was proud because I didn't weigh today after it. You all literally saved me from doing self-harm because of this. I mean I have a BMI in the 14s and had one in the 13s before my Xmas binge…so obviously I can't have BED. Thank you so so much. I am going to get on track and try to "allow" myself foods without looking at it like I fucked up

  3. Just be you. I am not a part of the selfie and weird posing and lip pursing world. I enjoy your honesty and real moments. I think your channel would grow and grow if you just did the real moments. But what do I know.

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