The Shillong Food Trail | Unique & Wonderful Food With Khasi Bloodz | 101India

Vegetarians beware: We tasted the unusual and wonderful non-veg food of the North East.

Shillong is a popular tourist spot, and yet, you don’t find a lot of people talking about the food in the city. We joined D-bok and Big-Ri, members of local rap crew Khasi Bloodz on a gastronomical journey looking for the best local fare – Jadoh (blood rice), Doh Thad (dried meat) and Doh Snam (blood sausages).

Jadoh is one of Shillong’s specialities – rice cooked in a very special ingredient: chicken blood. The next item on the menu: doh thad, or dried meat. This dish is prepared by smoking dried pork or beef over a fire. To round up this unusual meal, the rappers introduced us to doh snam or blood sausages: pork intestines seasoned in blood.

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  1. Why u always want to horrify people of central india to show this type of video of north east.😀😀😀😀 . . . .many more good thing r there. . . . .i always see video of north east and mc people talk about horrible food there. . . .like eating frog,eating cocroch,eating dog. . .and this bloody man eating instentine which boiled in blood. . .😀😀😀😀 its to much . . . .not all people of north east eating like that . . . .so please bakwas naa karo and make video on there culture ,location ,nature. . .and many more. . 😊☺

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