www.dukandiet.com | I hope I explain everything well and unconfused anyone that was a little confused about it. I’m living proof that this diet works, I swear by this diet. It’s amazing!


  1. I;m very encouraged by your great explanation.l gained weight after menopause, and it's very difficult to lose. I think your so sincere, pretty and kind!

  2. an average person can lose on average 1-2lbs a week. If you lose more it's mostly water weight. Since you're not eating carbs the carbs leave your body thus you weigh less. I am talking about the initial phases of this diet.

  3. Thank you for your video, today is my first day on the Dukan diet and I'm kind of dreading the whole low fat and low carb but it is what I need.

  4. I really likes the way you explaned this, and it's really motivational.. Im starting this weekend and if i ever feel down or like im going to quit. I'll just watch this video.

  5. Did you lose 15-20 lbs in 3 months? How much did you weigh when you started and how tall are you, if you don't mind me asking? I've read a lot about the diet and highly considered starting it. Thank you for the motivation.

  6. Hey Taylor! I
    'm considering beginning the Dukan Diet, and after watching your great video I think I am ready! How is your journey going as of now? It is almost a year since this video and I hope the Stabilization phase is going great. One question: on the Dukan website they talk about eating oat bran everyday, but you did not mention this in your video. Did you include this in your diet, or did you omit the oat bran? 
    Anyway, take care and thanks for the cute video. Love your tattoo!

  7. WTG !!! I have been on the diet for 8 days and have lost 10 pounds. A facebook friend told me about it (she lost 41.5 in 2 1/2 months ) I bought the book the next day ! I loved the Attack phase ! the pounds just slipped away. I am now on the cruise phase and holding steady. Love your video and shared it on facebook to help me answer all my friends questions ! Thank you !

  8. Wow that's awsome! I had staryed the diet at beginning of Nov. and lost 15lbs. But I let the holidays totally take over and I know I gained it back. So I have decided to start all over again and lose 60+ lbs. I can't wait to see the weight fall off like before.

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