Hey guys! I’m so happy that I am restarting the Dukan Diet! Let me know if you have any questions, I will answer them! I promise to keep you guys updated on my progress 🙂


  1. You look great here! 🙂 thanks a bunch for sharing videos about the dukan diet. There arent many videos (in english at least) about it lol. I found out about it recently. Actually stumbled upon it a couple of years ago but i thought it was too hard core or sth haha (was new to diet plans) so i forgot bout it. but i need to lose some weight now before a trip so I'm gonna give this diet a try! I did the military diet (a great one too) for a few weeks and lost a good amount of weight quite fast. Took a week break (cause i was getting sick of tuna) i still lost a kilo though. Im doing the 5:2 diet as well. Then this past week i just binged like crazy… this one single week. I think it's also because I'm kinda afraid..like i won't be able to eat all these stuff for awhile.. so i stuffed myself with everything i liked and had to clean up the fridge too (by eating lol) And ended up gaining around 2.5kilos.. but yeah! I'm not beating myself too badly about it like i usually did whenever i binged. Its like a let me go crazy on you this one time before we separate moment lol i dont know how to explain it. Sorry for rambling ^^" Anyways starting tuesday and i hope it'll work for me 🙂 havent eaten much meat lately :p thanks again! And i look forward to your other vids :))

  2. just subbed :d ready to get back on this diet again ! lost 15kg last summer now back to 96 kg (1m80) because i ate only bad foods now i have to lose like 20kg in 4-5 months 😀 i will be watching for your tips !

  3. That's great!!! Your video inspired me to start the Dukan diet again after 2 years. I'm on day 2 and just resisted a glass of wine. Lol. Thanks so much for your videos. I look forward to seeing more 🙂

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