The Dukan diet is a “low-carb” diet, sort of like the Atkins diet but without the fat that is encouraged in the Atkins diet.

The Dukan diet has four phases: The Attack phase, the Cruise phase, the Consolidation phase and the Stabilization phase. The attack phase lasts about a week and for most people allows you to lose 5 to 10 pounds very quickly. Then the Cruise phase is where you lose however much weight you need to lose. You can lose about 2 pounds per week in this phase. In the consolidation phase you maintain your weight for a couple of months while re-introducing carbs into your diet and then you live the rest of your life, hopefully, at your new weight.

I started the Dukan diet weighing 227.6 pounds. Eventually I did make it down to 175, for a total of 52 pounds lost. It took about 6 months. Having lost that weight, I can say that I feel significantly better physically and mentally.


  1. first of all thank you for this video. I am about to start this diet but I came up with little problem and question.1.on whatever the protein can have seasoning with it or salt less?
    2.after done with this diet do I get the weight back like after stop taking diet pills?
    3.this helps to lose body fat or muscle? (ex:lemon detox diet does work but also get lost the muscles too)
    thank you

  2. Please do an update. As we all know, lots of us lose weight–no matter the plan–but can't KEEP it off, even some with surgical intervention regain. I think it would be useful to see how you were able–or unable–to stay lean with Dukan. Or if you ditched Dukan altogether. THANKS.

  3. Love it! Please update us in your progress! I have a sweet tooth and the first days were unbelievably had for me, but I did not cheat. I lost 9 pounds on phase 1 and am loving it. Tomorrow I start phase 2 and for the first time in my life I am craving veggies 🙂

  4. Oh hey! Have you thought about intellectus 424 diet (do a search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  5. Excellent video. I have a feeling you're about to get a lot more hits…turns out Kate Middleton used the Dukan Diet to lose a ton of weight for her wedding. 🙂