Overview of The Dukan Diet Attack Phase. The first phase is a short, very effective jump start to your weight loss using only pure proteins.


  1. Most effective diet for me! I lost 38 lbs in 4 months because it was so effective. You MUST follow the low fat, low carb guidelines to lose the maximum weight. Thanks Dr. Dukan for changing my life! <3

  2. yep. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Listen I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. have a look here =>

  3. Hello,
    Any Dukan Dieters out there? Can anyone tell me if you can have kefir on this diet? Even during attack phase? My book has not yet arrived, and I want to start Monday.

  4. hello
    is possible eat burgos chesse natural or burgos chesse 0% in fase 1?
    thank you
    en la fase 1 se puede comer queso fresco de burgos o tiene que ser queso burgos 0%?

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