The Dukan Diet is one of the hottest diets in Europe right now as Kate Middleton’s mom sheds pounds on it for her daughter’s wedding. Others in the media spotlight, including Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez, are using the diet to stay slim, but a Morgantown health official is raising some concerns.

“Unfortunately a lot of the foods that are restricted are foods that are very healthy foods otherwise, the whole grains the fruits the vegetables,” said dietitian Brooke Baker.

The book detailing how to follow this new diet is set to hit shelves in the U.S. April 19th.

But Morgantown resident Kait Ward is already on the Dukan Diet, which means she’s consuming only high protein, low carbohydrate foods.

Dieticians say that complications from being on the Dukan Diet can include bad breath, constipation, and vitamin deficiency, because the diet omits several important food groups.

Doctors say that dieters should follow the food pyramid if they want to lose weight in a healthy way and consult their physician before starting a new diet or exercise regime.

Katie Harr covered this story for West Virginia Public Broadcasting as a part of our partnership with the West Virginia University P.I. Reed School of Journalism.