SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: How Carole helps Kate and Pippa to stay so slim (by their Uncle Gary, wh…

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: How Carole helps Kate and Pippa to stay so slim (by their Uncle Gary, who admits he’s rather porky by comparison).

The Duchess of Cambridge’s ability to retain her strikingly slim figure after the birth of two children provoked much comment.
Now, her mother, Carole Middleton, has been credited with instilling in her the ‘mentality’ of watching closely what she eats and how much exercise she takes.
Carole’s brother, Gary Goldsmith, who grew up with her in a council house in Southall, West London, says that she’s the one responsible for Kate’s slender shape and her younger daughter Pippa’s devotion to fitness regimes.
‘Carole has always looked after herself and eaten healthily, and she has a stunning figure,’ Goldsmith says. ‘That mentality of considering your diet and exercise is evident in the girls also.’
The 53-year-old, who sold his shares in an IT recruitment company for £17 million in 2005, is so embarrassed that his portly shape dwarfs those of his relations that he’s embarking on a drastic diet.
‘A few years back someone asked me why I was super-sized when my family are so slim,’ admits bearded Goldsmith, whose weight peaked at 17 st 8 lb. ‘ ‘Charming,’ I thought, but it did strike a chord. The family they were referring to was obviously my sister, Carole Middleton, and my nieces Kate and Pippa.’
Goldsmith, who made the comments in a blog about his health drive, adds: ‘Mixed together with lots of Father Christmas jibes, I’ve realised I need to lose weight.’
A keen sportswoman at school, Kate was thought to be a healthy size 10 when she caught Prince William’s eye while modelling in a fashion show at St Andrews University.
She slimmed down to a petite size 8 when she moved to London, however, and reportedly followed the protein-rich Dukan Diet with Carole.
Within weeks of giving birth to Prince George, the Duchess was back to her willowy self. And just six weeks after Princess Charlotte was born, Kate was pictured wearing her skinny jeans. She was said to be following a new exercise regime that included yoga, swimming and gym workouts with a personal trainer.
Quintessential Englishman Colin Firth’s application for Italian citizenship has been accepted. The 57-year-old Oscar-winner’s wife Livia was born in Italy.
‘The application went through recently and he got it, so he’s now British and Italian,’ Italian ambassador Pasquale Terracciano, tells me at the book launch of chef Giorgio Locatelli’s Made At Home.
Actress Carey Mulligan’s £32,000-a-year Catholic alma mater Woldingham won’t be thanking her for her remarks at the Toronto Film Festival, where she is promoting U.S. racism drama Mudbound.
Her black co-star Jason Mitchell told reporters at the Canadian premiere: ‘Carey was telling me that at school she never saw any pictures of black American soldiers when she studied World War II and that, growing up, she didn’t know there were any.’
Royals ‘vetoed TV star’s gong’
Despite being one of Wales’s most celebrated actors, Olivier Award-winning Roger Rees, who died in 2015 aged 71, was never given a knighthood.
Now, his husband, the playwright Rick Elice, has claimed the omission was because he upset the Royals. He says Rees, who starred in Cheers and The West Wing, made ‘the knighthood-killing choice’ to play Prince Charles in a TV mini-series, Unhappily Ever After.
‘It wasn’t very good,’ admits Elice in his forthcoming memoir, Finding Roger: An Improbably Theatrical Love Story.
‘And the Royal Family does not forgive bad television. Except, on occasion, their own.’

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