This is my invention of a bread suitable for the attack phase of Dukan Diet.
It is made with oat bran and eggs…
Goes very well solo or with smoked salmon, tuna or other tasty permitted ingredients.. be careful with the amount of salt used – a little is more than enough!

Versatile, you can add whatever you like.


  1. beware though of the amount of oat bran in the recipe, you need to stick to your daily oat bran allowance. so remember don't eat the whole loaf in 1 day. i prefer baking muffins, bread etc in a muffin tin so i can portion it better.

  2. The oat bran has 65% of carbs in it, you can`t really call it protein bread. Once you are trying to not eat bread because it`s full of carbs you can`t eat this ´pure protein bread` instead if it`s not really pure protein bread.

  3. This actually helped to curb my appetite for bread, but it was very eggy (I know in saying that there are 6 eggs in the loaf so that shouldn't be surprising to me but it did catch me a bit off guard haha) I expected the oat bran to overpower the egg flavor a little bit.

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