These little gems helped me drop 22kgs when I first did the Dukan – they are my tips for success.
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I’m not officially on this diet anymore, but I still adopt a lot of the principles that helped me lose the lbs. This was a requested video – how to add flavour so the diet doesn’t feel like punishment!
Hope this helps you 🙂


  1. Thank you so much for this very generous information you just gave us. All that emphasis on herbs is very inspiring. I had a remarkable experience this past summer with fresh garden herbs in my home made salad dressing — so unforgettable that when you started talking about fresh herbs my brain lit up. Thanks again for all your great tips.

  2. Loved your honesty and the lovely calm way you speak. As well as the information of course lol I really love cumin and cardamom and making a stock to boil the chicken in sounds fabulous. Thank you so much from nearby Australia x

  3. You are so stunning!! Well done, 22 kg…wow! I am currently waiting for my book and then will start in January. My goal are 20 kg, so let's see. Where are you from, you don't sound American but I can't figure out your accent, lol

  4. If you haven't already been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, which will cause weight gain – even if you don't overeat – then (looking at your neck, which looks slightly swollen in the lower part) I suggest you get an endocrine examination and blood test. It could be that you have a hypoactive thyroid. I don't mean to sound offensive, and I apologise if this is how I come across, but that is not my intention. You said you've put on weight, and i just made this observation. I could be wrong, but I think it's worth checking for this if you haven't always done so. ^^

  5. I'm researching the Dukan diet, but doing the Fast Metabolism Diet. Since me alias I find my weight loss is very slow and stubborn. I've heard that the Dukan diet is specifically for menopausal women. Thank you for the great video. You're a great speaker. Liked!

  6. Thank you very much for this video. I bought the book and starting tomorrow on the diet.
    I really hope this diet helps get rid of the post menopausal weight.

  7. I'm very curious, have you eaten dairy products (like skimmed milk, Greek yogurt etc.) during your Dukan diet? If so, do they have to be fat-free?
    P.s. Great video! 🙂

  8. You are so right! I watched your previous videos and was quite impressed with how you explained things. I have been on the Dukan Diet since August 2014 and have dropped 50lbs, but have been slacking lately it seems and am maintaining rather than losing:( I will have to go back to the grass roots now and get back on board to lose the rest of my weight! I have been eating salt as well, not good! Thanks for the tips:) xoxJerree

  9. desperate to lose weight – tried this diet but didnt see the needle on scale move. Please tell me what you ate – breakfast lunch and dinner when you lost all the weight on the dukan

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