This is my super easy and quick Oatbran yeast bread healthy lifestyle ideas. I am on the Dukan diet subscribe for more ideas and tips and vlogs

You can use just regular oatbran if you wish try it out……


  1. when I started the Dulan sweetener was suggested as a replacement sugar but a little while after I read some shocking things about sweeteners and stopped. I no longer do videos using this x

  2. Hi I am sorry it is hard to follow I started making videos and experimenting as I went along in the beginning no recipes just ideas.
    But I have decided to do a right up on my blog soon and maybe a ebook revisiting and putting the recipes in one place. I will do this soon

  3. Thank you for letting me now and trying this out. Your tweek to the recipe sounds great I have to try it this week. I will let you know how I get on ;0)

  4. Just made it, but added a bit of garlic, Heinz diet ketchup and rosemary and OMG, it smells and tastes like a pizza!!! I sliced a square bit into half and made two egg sandwiches, and it was the best breakfast I had on this diet!!!

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