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A lot of friends asked me the same question and I wanted to make this video so I can share some of the products that I bought for my diet. You don’t need to buy all of this, but if you want a diet for long term and not getting bored of the same food, sometimes it worth the investment. Anyway, the items here are good to be used for more than a month, well, not the milk and yogurt, but almost everything 🙂

Sharing some links here:
Dukan Cocoa
Non fat dry milk
Sugar free caramels
Miracle noodle and rice
Oat Bran
Dukan Diet made Easy (Book)
The dukan Diet cookbook

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  1. oh look at all that nice food 🙂  I can't find those Werthers Originals (different flavours) here, we only get the original flavour, the pudding sounds delicious with the sweets in 🙂  and I noticed if your fridge you had honey butter ~~~ yumm, I've never seen that either! 🙂 xoxo Susan

  2. Good morning, Natalia. Hopefully you are off tomorrow, and Friday. Are you allowed to have cabbage?  I used cabbage sliced thinly, then quickly stir fire it, and use in place of pasta. It is really good.  Very interesting video. Blessings, peace, prayers, love, and hugs, my beautiful friend…..MaryEllen

  3. Thanks for showing all of this and I look forward to the recipe with the caramel! You know you can grow your own Stevia and make your own liquid to use, I made some a couple of years ago and I grow stevia every year with my herbs, you can pinch the leaves and eat them and they are sweet! <3 Susan

  4. Wonderful haul. I was just asking someone yesterday what the name of those noodles that look like spaghetti but isn't were called. Hadn't got my answer until today. I wrote it down. Didn't know they have rice like that too. Thanks for sharing! ☺

  5. Thank you, Natalia! This is really a wealth of information. And it sounds like you are doing so well on this diet! It sounds healthy and I am thinking maybe my husband would like this diet. Is you hubby on it as well? love, Jeanie xxoo

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