Mathura peda, the famous sweet from the land of Lord Krishna is relished by everyone. These peda will increase the level of enjoyment on festivals for sure.


Mawa – 250 grams (1 cup)
Tagar – 200 grams (1 cup)
Green cardamom – 4 to 5
Ghee – 2 to 3 tbsp


Getting ready:

1.Powdered the green cardamom seeds in mortar pestle.


2.Start by roasting the mawa until the colour changes slightly. Then add 2 tsp of ghee in the mawa and keep roasting until the mawa becomes golden brown. Pour the ghee in the mawa if it appears dry.

3.Pour 2 tbsp of milk in the golden brown mawa and cook till the milk dries out completely. Later, turn off the flame and thoroughly mix tagar and crushed green cardamom in the warm roasted mawa. Bind the desired size peda from the mixture and coat each of them evenly with the tagar. Place them on a plate, mathura peda are ready,


4.Serve these luscious mathura peda right away or refrigerate them before serving.


If you are preparing the peda with mawa made out of cow’s milk then there is no need to add milk and ghee in it while roasting as they will become golden brown naturally but if you are preparing the peda with mawa made out of buffalo’s milk then there is need to add milk and ghee to make it golden brown.

Make sure to roast the mawa by stirring constantly on low flame otherwise the mawa will burn and the peda will neither look good nor taste good. Click here to read Mathura Peda Recipe in Hindi. Also known as Mathura ji ke Pede, mathura peda online


  1. mam i need smthing different recipe of sweet because iss sweet k recipe kahi nh milti i request to you plz upload that video sweet name is ( dwarika k pede in origin of bhind (madhya pradesh ) ) i hope you upload that video..

  2. also plz a quick questions i made maea pinni it was yummy but ehen i eas making pinni it was not binding very quickly can u plzz tell me why that happen or its normal ji.thanks alot for your time nisha ji

  3. nisha ji what is this white powder i didnt get the name. plz guide …i tried your pinni mawa recepie jabardast results .meri mumma bhi aapki recepies bhut pasand karte hai .thanks alot.awaiting ur reply.