Kate Middleton is alleged to be on the popular French Dukan diet to lose weight fast for the royal wedding. Like many fad diets it is gaining quick popularity in the U.S. Is this diet, similar to Atkins, a fad or fact-based healthy way to weight loss? Hear more from dietician Jessica Jantz from Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, CA.


  1. I was on the dukan diet in 2012, after I had my first child. I lost 8kg in 3 months time. I had MORE strength than ever before, my blood results were PERFECT, my hairloss had STOPPED, my nails didn't break anymore. I was able to take two flights of steps without feeling out of breath. I felt good, really good and I kept my ideal weight for a while. Then unfortunately I started eating A LOT (things happened and I'm an emotional eater) and still the weight I put on was not much. I didn't finish the third phase and I regret it, now 4 years later, I've had another child and am now on my 6th day of the dukan diet. And I feel full of strength, lighter, already lost 2kg in 6 days, still have 6 kg to go but I know I'll get there before july and this time I intend to stick to the third and fourth phase of the diet. So all that this person said is NOT true, I did NOT put the weight right back on even if I ate A LOT after the dukan diet,(I live in Italy and literally ate my weight in pizza and pasta) I did NOT feel tired or weak at all while I was on the dukan diet! And I did not have any problems with my blood results. I have tried every other diet and it never worked or it made me nervous and depressed because I had to weigh every single thing… Do not believe this woman, I am living proof that all that she said is NOT true. Cheers!

  2. Dukan diet might not be healthiest in the world but it gets me to a place of health. I have tried everything I could to loose weight throughout all my life, so called balanced eating too, nothing worked I became dangerously overweight, unhappy, depressed. This diet works. It considers an overweight person to be a person with emotions and needs, with respect. Not just fat lazy looser. If this dietician is so smart than why isn't she having her name on books, why isn't she helping millions of people. MILLIONS. Doctor Dukan is doing something right. If balanced eating she is talking about is so obvious and good than why isn't it helping, why people are having problem to follow it like me. There is something missing. Now smart lady go and find it.

  3. A dietitian has no clue what she's talking about that diet is totally safe. I've done this diet before and lost 40 pounds and two and a half months completely safe. I got my fiber through oat bran and benefiber that has no sugar in it you also take a multivitamin and drink up to 8 glasses of water per day to replace the water you lost. Funny how they talk about only the first phase of the diet the second third and fourth phase brings carbohydrates back into your diet little at a time so you don't gain the weight back. Take it from me I've done the diet I'm living proof that it works as long as you follow through all the instructions and all the phases good luck.

  4. Come on people… You want to be healthy? Really? Be natural. We are natural beings, and according to the best science we have today, our ancestors' diet is mostly based on fruits, vegetables and grains. Do not try to avoid this fact, and live well, long and healthy. And then you don't need to 'Not Like' this video, when she is just trying to make her best as a nutritionist, helping people to be healthy.

  5. She keeps talking abt Atkins… Dukan is much easier and less harsh than Atkins. Also it has phases to stabilize unlike Atkins… What fucking idiot, they need to interview someone that did the diet.

  6. Just another quick point…Kate Middleton was involved with the Royal Family before the wedding, she is now part of the Royal Family. The Royal Family are looked after by some of the best bodyguards, accountants….DOCTORS and NUTRITIONISTS, in the world! If this diet was dangerous or harmful in any way, before an event like the Royal Wedding, one of the biggest and most "take note" events of the year Internationally, would Kate Middleton who I do not doubt mentioned this Diet to the Doctor and others first, would she really have still done it? I highly highly doubt it.

  7. Don't be put off by The Dukan Diet's bad press, it is mostly paranoid Americans talking utter nonsense about things they have no real clue about. This is another women who has not researched the Diet properly and is attempting to pass judgement on it. I would rather listen to the Doctor (Pierre Dukan) on this, than another nutritionist trying to scare us all with crap. It worked for me…I lost 31lbs last year and kept it off. My best friend lost 18lbs and kept it off. There are also numerous success stories online about the diet. Don't believe everything in the news/press/media I think is the message here.

  8. Its waaaaay more unhealthy to be overweight than to spend a week of your life eating pure protains, its ONLY a week!!! And as Dr Dunak said, fat people have hardly ever been successfull at counting calories, so as ideal as that would be, in practice it DOESNT WORK!

  9. All she talked about was the first phase… like there are 3 more!!! lol geez… forgot to mention alot of of facts. oh well! i know alot of people who have done this diet and have lost AND kept the weight off! so there. lol

  10. While it's true that a "well balanced" diet is a healthy approach to weight loss I'm really tired of people slamming fad diets that they obviously have little knowledge of (this vid proves these women didn't read the book) and just say all you need is a "well balanced diet." Sorry – if you're going to slam specifics of a diet then be prepared to defend the specifics of your recommendation of a well balanced diet because that doesn't seem to be working for many either.

  11. This vid left out a TON of facts. The most extreme phase (phase 1 – no carb) is just a few days or maybe 7 at most. The human body can live on low to no carb for a week so everyone can calm down. So ridiculous. After that phase you get your greens and veggies back in and then after that you reintroduce normal foods. This diet won't kill you and will help way more people then it can harm.

  12. Moderation? If people knew how to eat in moderation there would be no need for anybody to diet . It's difficult to eat in moderation if you're eating carbs because carbs are addictive and act as a trigger for eating binges. The Dukan diet is unbalanced? What? Compared to the "balanced" diet most American's eat – burgers, fries, pizza, donuts, fizzy pop drinks? I know people who never ever eat vegetables. Dukan is the easiest diet I ever tried and so far lost over 70 pounds in 8 months.

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  14. @Gentilseulement I'm definitely alive. I lost far more weight than what I last posted as well. I thought I'd stop at 40lbs, but I achieved 60. I've seen stable at my new weight for the last four months. I've never been in better shape. Thanks for your concern!