I’m Starting The Dukan Diet | Healthy in the New Year


Are you getting healthy for the new year? I am starting this diet because I want to do it. I am doing it with my cousin. I am not trying to say that everyone needs to go on a diet, I’m just letting you know what I’m doing and that you are more than welcome to join! I know a lot of people are trying to get healthy around this time of year. Even if we’re not following the exact same plan it might help to know there’s someone else in the trenches with you. I know a lot of people will have “lifestyle change” advice for me, if that’s what works well for you then that’s great! As for me, I need something with guidlines and rules to keep me in line. I also understand some people will say I look fine to them however, my opinion of myself is what matters and there are a few things i would like to try and this diet is one of them. I would love to do vlogs and recipes and things during this time. Give me a thumbs up if you would enjoy weight loss vlogs!

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