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Hardware stores (in a variety of countries, “shops”), often referred to as DIY shops, offer home equipment for house improvement including: bolts, hand tools, power tools, secrets, locks, joints, chains, plumbing supplies, electric products, cleaning products, housewares, tools, utensils, paint, and yard as well as garden items straight to customers for use in your home or for business. Numerous equipment establishments have specialized divisions special to its area or its proprietor’s interests. These departments consist of searching as well as fishing products, plants and also nursery products, aquatic and boating supplies, pet meals and also products, ranch and ranch materials consisting of animal feed, swimming pool chemicals, homebrewing materials and also canning products. The four largest equipment retailers in the world are The Home Depot, Lowe’s (both of the United States), Kingfisher of the United Kingdom, as well as Obi of Germany.

Bigger equipment shops may sell small quantities of building supplies including lumber, floor covering, roof materials as well as fencing. Such shops are often referred to as home-improvement centers or residence centers.

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World Geographic Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWorldgeographicch

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  4. I could never understand how phillips head screws became the primary screw when a robertson head is far superior. A phillips is just as maddening as a flathead. Now I know. 😉

  5. Me and my husband still remember the good ol' hardware stores that had the wooden floors, the tin feed bends with a scoop in it, the Toledo scales for weighing the feed and nuts n bolts. What we really miss are the store owners and the workers who were usually family and knew so much more than today's workers at stores like lowes who have very few people who know what they're doing aside from pointing to an isle and saying that's where something can be found.

  6. This jerk at 30:15 is not doing small family owned hardware stores any favors. What a backhanded endorsement. …Yeah. "Great if you need one screw and do what if it costs two cents more" Fuck him! I go to my local whenever possible. Support local family rum businesses!

  7. I always laugh when ppl talk about new ways vs old ways. This is a false dichotomy. There is only evolution. The internet let's u find what u want and how to compare brands and price ranges, then the store let's u look at and feel them, which is MORE information, which combines with the information u already have to help u decide which is the best compromise for u.
    Someone who orders online and just picks it up, or has it delivered either doesn't care, or they know exactly what they want. Either way, they are not the kind of ppl who have time to waste for the "Hardware store experience".
    In this scenario all the internet does is inform and save time, it does not replace the store

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  9. Here in the UK I find that the big national hardware companies are ok for the mainstream type stuff but when it gets to the less common items they never carry them. Although I will admit that Screwfix, one of the biggest operators here, offer a click and deliver service for tradesmen which is a big time and money saver when working on a customer job.  If you need something the next day you can order online upto 10pm the day before and it will be there.