How to Regrow Hairs in Thinning Areas

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Want to get the maxi hair of Princess Rapunzel, but patience is not your greatest virtue? We give you the instructions in steps to accelerate the growth of your hair.

What woman does not dream of a shiny Hair full of life, for those that have hair loss issue and looking to regrow hair in thinning areas requires a little patient. Getting a lioness mane requires more time: indeed, the hair grows about one centimeter per month, a little more for a few lucky ones, a little less for others. It was thought that some tricks of pros to help Mother Nature would not be superfluous!

Diet to regrow hair and Accelerate Hair Growth

Just like the skin, the hair needs to receive the vitamins and nutrients essential to their health to regrow hair in thinning areas. For fast and healthy hair growth proteins and vitamins B are needed.

These vitamins and minerals are transmitted to the hair by the bulb more commonly called the root. Only this part of the epidermis can provide the nutrients necessary for its growth and health. Vitamin B promote cell renewal in the hair follicle stimulating hair growth and regrow hair.

Hence the more than the essential interest of adopting a balanced and varied diet, preferring food containing vitamins, proteins, Zinc and Iron which are essential for the hair’s health.

Foods to be preferred:

Cereals, liver, egg yolk. Pulses, red meats, wheat germ, seafood, and also dairy items

Protein, We will not go so far as to tell you to put your hair on Dukan diet, but not far. Indeed, the hair is composed of keratin that is nothing but a protein!

Zinc. The Zinc is involved in the synthesis of the protein and is also known for its sebum-regulating and anti-bacterial properties. He is, therefore, the best friend of our roots, who do not like anything like a healthy ground to grow hair!

Iron, By promoting the oxygenation of the cells, the iron acts to prevent hair loss. Oxygen bulb = hair well hung!

There are many dietary supplements on the market, able to help regulate your deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, but a healthy and diverse diet is the basis for allowing your hair to grow fast and well.

Cranial Massage

Cranial self-massage, have you ever heard of it? Did you know that thanks to this massage done twice 10 minutes a week, you could do a lot of good to your thinning hair while accelerating their growth!

The biggest hairdressers will tell you; nothing is more beneficial than a scalp massage for health and thinning hair growth. It’s not just for nothing that in hair salons, the shampoo is often accompanied by a cranial massage.

Able to stimulate the capillary vascular system and oxygenate the scalp, this massage stimulates thinning hair growth. Also, it is easy to achieve, no need to have a special tool in the bathroom!

The Right Method to Oxygenate as well as Stimulate the Scalp
Bring a concentrate of stimulating essential oils.
Apply the concentrate methodically, line by stripe.
Sit comfortably in a chair, elbows on your dressing table (or table) for comfort and stability.

Start the massage by the neck, going up the skull, in the direction of the blood circulation. Make gentle circular movements using the pulp of your fingers so as not to excite the sebaceous glands and thus promote an over production of sebum.

Proceed with the shampoo.

We advise you to do this massage twice a week. In case you don’t have time to apply Complex 5, you can perform the massage with a few drops of castor oil or perhaps wheat germ.

Hair Loss Treatment – Bald Spots – Cleansing the Scalp for Hair Growth

You know now, it is at the root of the hair that their vigor and beauty is played, but also, their speed of growth!

Indeed, a scalp suffocated by sebum or dandruff is not a ground conducive to regrow hair or perhaps have a great hair growth.
It’s, therefore, necessary to adopt shampoos and adapted care to purify and sanitize the scalp (clay shampoos for the fat roots, care of antifungal essential oils of eucalyptus or rosemary to fight dandruff). You’re sure to have a fantastic long hair as you follow the above tips steps by steps.