Video stating my first 6 days of the attack phase of the Dukan Diet. I have lost 10 pounds! how good is that!!

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  1. Guys! (: Did you heard about the Fat Combust Factor (do search on google)? Ive hear some unbelievable stuff about it and my brother burned alot of unwanted fats.

  2. @alexitange Hi Alexandra, I read your comments and I just have some points I wish to make. The Dukan Diet like very other diet is unhealthy. The Dukan caused me to be on my period for the whole time I was in ketosis, as did the Atkins because you lose weight so quickly. Cutting out one of the main food groups is unhealthy as you need all the food groups to function. A healthy way to lose weight is to just cut down on portion size and cut down on sugar and fat. Being obese is not suicide

  3. Hey guys, This is an update, I unfortunately came off the diet 2 weeks after starting as it played havoc with my body. However it is a fantastic diet and should only be used if you're seriously over weight. I do not recommend this diet if you just wish to lose a few pounds as you will put it back on quickly. This is more of a lifestyle change for those who need to lose the weight. Thanks for all the good comments, and I will be posting more diet stuff soon, as i have been trying new stuff out 🙂

  4. Its day 3 of the diet, and my throat has started to hurt, did this happen to you?? also somtimes a funny tast in my mouth, i read the weird taste is normal. But is the sore throat normal???

  5. you go girl, 10 pounds thats amazing!! keep up the fantastic work, and ignore the youtube trolls lol, cause what every you loose its you being healther in the long run OK!

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