Here is the article I mentioned:–extraordinary-scans-reveal-fat-does-you.html


  1. all we can do is fight another day. Well done you for trying to reconfigure something that's best for you. I realise you filmed this a few years ago and I hope life has been a bit easier for you since! Respect and support for keeping on trying!

  2. Its day 3 of the diet, and my throat has started to hurt, did this happen to you?? also somtimes a funny tast in my mouth, i read the weird taste is normal. But is the sore throat normal???

  3. Good luck! I am on Dukan diet and feel great. I've lost 16 kg since May 2010, slowly but surely.Anyway fingers crossed! p.s. Lovely make-up, gorgeous face and eyes:)

  4. I have been on Dukan for a week now and lost quite a bit but I must say that I don't really like his recipes (their very french). I have been on a diet here in Australia which is a shake and low carb diet with less protein but you have more of the low carb vegies and salads and there are lots of low carb snacks, easier. Maybe you have similar in UK. Low carb u definately lose the most amount, u just do.

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