Hey friends!

I received quite a few questions over time and I wanted to answer them for yall. I only took the top few questions that were asked more than once (well, the cake question was only asked once, but was too silly to ignore lol)

P.S. I didnt edit this video because I’m that cool haah so I apologize for any mistakes 🙂

Next Week’s Video: Recipes for Attack Phase plus tips and tricks.


  1. Very encouraging video!!! I am in the attack phase right now and I will be subbing to you so that I can get a support system by watching your videos. You have done so well in your new lifestyle and I agree with not explaining yourself. Will enjoy watching your other videos. Thanks very much xxxx

  2. Hey, I'm lookong for a lemon cheesecake recipe and all the ones I've found online have weird European things in them we don't have here ( for the record, I live in Mexico). Do you have one to share? 🙂

  3. Haha! I didn't realize it cut me off. I meant to say no matter what I walk every day. You should try turbo fire! It's awesome. I do it in the afternoons with two other friends. It was a bit hard at first but once you learn the moves it gets easier and harder all at the same time;)

  4. I've actually had days when I forget I'm "dieting" :). The first 3 days for the attack phase werenthe hardest for me. Not because I was hungry but because I was using to covering my emotions with comfort foods (obviously more than I even thought I was doing) . So to cut myself off from that completely was very hard and I was pretty grumpy and short tempered.;). I've always loved to exercise but I've added the walking in the mornings and I do turbo fire in the afternoons most days…but no ma

  5. I started Dukan about two weeks ago. I've been trying to lose weight since I had my baby…3 years ago;). I connected with you because of the passing of your grandmother, as mine passed away a year and a half ago and it's been very hard up and down year. Anyway, you look great and I look forward to watching you reach your goal.

  6. Thanks, I'll be starting the cruise phase tomorrow so hopefully the body will get some feg, relax and start giving kgs away. It's just hard to not expect a lot when you see other people's results! Diet jealousy I guess, haha!

  7. Hey, great job on your diet!! You look gorgeous!! I'm on day 5 of Attack phase and have only lost 2lb so it's hard to stay positive, but I'm sticking to it.

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