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  1. Hello (: I started this diet today, and I posted my first video also ! Anyone can check from where I'll start my new life ! <3 (Sorry for posting here ! )

  2. The diet puts you into ketosis, there's nothing bad with that, it takes the pounds off pretty quick. However this is probably why you have the weird taste in your mouth. Read up on a ketogenic diet, it's effective fast and with protein you don't feel hungry.

  3. Its day 3 of the diet, and my throat has started to hurt, did this happen to you?? also somtimes a funny tast in my mouth, i read the weird taste is normal. But is the sore throat normal???

  4. Hi! I only started today on the dukan diet.. sometimes they have mentioned in the recipe book you can have celery and onion with your meat in the Attack phase…is this right? Previously for my lunch at work i would fill a lunchbox full of salad with a little tin of tuna, and i find it very weird not having any crunchy salad in the day!

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