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Today to make a little change of the everyday Vlogs I am bringing you a recipe that more than one asked me: The Dukan Diet Galette, it is just like making some pancakes in the morning … or lets call them guilty free pancakes! Very simple to do and in the Dukan diet you can have them since the first day in the original recipe, if you add cocoa it has to be in the Crucero phase. I like to make variations of this gullet and I eat the original recipe in days of Pure Protein and the variations in days that I can have veggies or fruits 🙂
For this recipe you need:
1 Egg white
2 Tbsp Oat Bran
2 Tbsp Plain Greek yogurt
1 Tsp sweetener or 1 envelope of splenda/stevia/pure via…

For the variations:
1 Tsp sugar free cocoa/ Matcha tea/ sugar free flavored ice tea
And if you want a non sweet one and salty:
a little of salt and pepper and some other spices 🙂

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