Use your home storage and dehydrated ingredients to make tasty meatballs. Its been a long time since I posted a video but these are also Dukan Diet friendly. There are no carbs such as bread crumbs, rice, or oatmeal added for texture. I make these in bulk and can add different ingredients that I have on hand however onions, carrots, celery, peppers are staple.
I am no professional cook and I’m no fast talker but I hope you try these out and see for yourself how easy it can be.
My family would rather have me cook a meal than go out to a restaurant so that tells me it can’t be that bad!!
You can also do the same for meat loaf however cook at 400 degrees for 45min – 1 hour.
and add ketchup and mustard mix to the top for the last 10 min.

I do not use msg or any additive that includes autolyzed or hydrolysed yeast protein soy protein etc. These are all flavor enhancers and other names for MSG. I don’t need to fool someone into thinking the food tastes good. It just does.
Great way to get carrots into your kids diet too.

Another tip for carrots: I know a woman who grates up carrots fine (or puree) and adds that to their peanut butter.

Look for my future video coming with a recipe to make your own all veg bouillon powder.


  1. the dehydrated onions actually bulk up a bit with the juices, while cooking. It is for texture along with taste. I add onion powder for more flavour. thanks for your question.