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  1. I just want to point out that dukan's diet is NOT fat heavy at all. On the contrary fat is banned. My levels while dieting were simply perfect. i was surprised in fact. Now I am a sporty and still young(ish) guy so I am not sure i would suggest this to somebody that has to loose a lot of extra weight or to my 76 yo mother. But for me it worked (and works – whenever i put on some weight) just perfectly. And it really thought me 1. how to cook 2. how to give up most of unnecessary fat and carbo. I am italian so I was not used to eat meat at all. Once a month maybe… I think I finally found a balance between animal food and mediterranean food; I am honestly quite enthusiastic about this diet. I did not expect these results both in terms of weight loss and long time cooking knowledge 😉

  2. This diet great it will change your bad habit to good the way you eat! I believe you eat more healthy and natural food with dukan diet and its much better than to eat whatever its comes to your mind like fast food snacks (with many bad ingredients in) etc.
    After 1 month your body will wake up mentally and physically. If you planing to start dont care how long it will take to achieve your goal get used to it and enjoy how you will feel!

  3. HIGH FAT LOW CARB is the best diet. Eat lovely easy to get food and the fat melts. Portion control is not required. Natural fats only, no fruit, and only veg above ground. Amazing and practical diet. Forget phases, charts, eating dull pure protein food.

    I have high fat yogurt and double cream sprinkled with nuts and berries.Or bacon ried in butter and covered in cheese.

    Weight flying off me.

    Dietdoctor has all the info you need Google it


  4. He thought me the secrets of cooking healthy muscle-building meals that promotes lean muscle mass gains, rapid fat loss of fat, and top athletic performances….I got this info from

  5. Dieting of Any Sort(low carb,low fat,low sugar,low calories etc)does make u loose SOME weight in the short term..u might keep it off few years too,maybe 4/5..but in the Long term NoNe of em Work.. and Even dr.Robert Atkins did warn people AGAINST long term diet programme.. slim people are not because they diet..they have Good High Metabolism and dieting just Lower the metabolism

  6. bs!! its not about dieting its about getting high metabolism. all those people we call "lucky" because they eat whatever how much they want and whenever and do not store extra body fat,they have high metabolism but not beacuse they diet

  7. My girlfriend had problems with excess body fat for very numerous time now and she found a number of so referred to as DietOramy dietary regimen (google it) – she's had very a achievement with it so far, and medical doctor says she is healthy as by no means ahead of…

  8. You can have the skinny peppermint mocha at Starbuck's. Its sugar free peppermint, sugar free cocoa, & fat free milk (steamed). Has two expresso shots w/ equal. Not bad…try out Dukan dieters…

  9. Update : 12-31-11 currently @ 205, I cheated. However, I didnt gained much weight as I thought I would…I have been working out five days a week thou. It was hard to resist mom's Christmas goodies and the food. I got down to 201 right before Christmas Eve. I am planning to go back on my diet the 1st of Jan 2012…I will do four days of pure protein, then jump back into the protein & veggie rythum.

  10. This diet works!! I started Oct. 13th 2011…today 12-10-11 I weight 208. I lose 41 pounds like out like crazy & follow the diet. I am suppose to be at my targe weight by 03-30-12..I think I will reach it before. Try it !!

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