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Dukan Diet Rules for Stabilization Phase
The stabilization phase is the maintenance part of the diet plan that dieters have to follow through the rest of their life to avoid weight gain. The main focus of this phase is some rules for dieters to follow, instead of the food they consume. Dieters can go back to simply eating whatever they want, but of course in moderate amount and not overeating. “The Dukan Diet” says that if they adhere to 3 simple but strict rules, they will not putting on weight even though they are on normal diet. You may have a question in your mind, “How would my Dukan diet lifestyle look like?”. Actually, it can still be very interesting if you plan it properly.

1-2-3 Dukan Diet Rules
The 3 Dukan Diet rules are simple and very easy to remember: 1 Pure Protein day a week, 20 minutes daily exercise and 3 tablespoons of oat bran daily.

The first rule is to have a Pure Protein day once a week. It is up to dieters to decide themselves which day they want it to be the PP day, as long as it is convenient to them. However, once chosen, dieters must observe it and not to change it frequently.

The second rule is to maintain an active lifestyle. Dieters are encouraged to walk instead of driving, walk-up the stairs instead of using the escalator or lift, and other simple daily activities that might help making a person active. Performing moderate exercise such as slow-walk, slow-jog, riding exercising bike, gardening, etc for at least 20 minutes daily is highly suggested.

The third rule is to have regular intake of oat bran. 3 tablespoons of oat bran should be included in the daily diet. Oat bran is high in fiber and will help a person feel full for a longer time and thus reduce the food craving. Besides, oat bran will also help lowering cholesterol level and therefore reducing the risk of having heart diseases.

My Dukan Diet Menu Sample for Stabilization

Breakfast of the week
Oat Bran Seafood Porridge
Skimmed milk
Wholegrain sandwiches with bacon, cheddar cheese and lettuce
Soya Milk
Creamy cheesy mushroom soup with wholegrain bread
Oat bran carrot pancake
2 slices of low fat ham with scramble eggs
2 Half-Boiled Eggs with wholegrain bread
A banana
Tuna oat bran patties

Lunch of the week
Grilled black pepper lamb steak with mashed potatoes and mixed salad
Vegetable juice
An orange
Seafood fried brown rice with mixed vegetables
Grilled lobster salad
A cup of ice-cream
Mixed fruits platter
Green tea
Grilled pork chop with mushroom sauce and mixed vegetables
A pear
Roasted turkey with spices
Plain water
Steamed cod fish with tomatoes, stir-fry mixed veggies and brown rice
Pineapple juice
Roasted beef with asparagus and potatoes
A bowl of mixed berries

Snack of the week
Carrot juice
Oat bran pumpkin muffins
Oat bran chocolate brownies
Soya Milk
Fried chicken fingers
Chocolate drink
Oat bran chicken nuggets
Cinnamon oat bran bread with cheddar cheese
Herbal Tea
Wholegrain sandwiches with cheese and egg

Dinner of the week
Chicken wholemeal spaghetti with tomato sauce
Herbal Tea
An apple
Stir-fry turkey bacon with Brussels sprout with brown rice
Watermelon juice
Fish-veggies curry with brown rice
Cucumber juice
A bowl of strawberries
Seafood wholemeal spaghetti with white sauce
Orange-celery juice
Seafood-tofu Soup
Herbal tea
Grilled salmon and mixed-veggies soup
Apple juice
Grilled chicken chop and pumpkin creamy soup
Plain water
2 slices of watermelon

Exercise of the week
60 minutes of gardening
20-30 minutes on exercising bike
2 sets of 10 minutes’ walk in the office
20 minutes of swimming
20-30 minutes slow-walk in the park

Important Food in Dukan Diet: Oat Bran
What actually is oat bran? It is the hard outer husk of an oat grain that protects the grain before it sprouts. It is very rich in dietary fibre as well as nutrition and minerals. However, oat bran is usually removed when the oat is being processed. Sometimes however, the bran is maintained through the process and what we get is the whole grain oat.

Oat bran is usually packed and sold in the market separately. It is a good source of dietary fibre to those who do not eat vegetables and fruits, for example those who are on certain high protein diets. Several studies have found out that consuming oat bran regularly will help reducing the cholesterol levels as well as preventing certain cancers.
In Dukan diet, oat bran is an important food as it is the main source of dietary fibre to dieters who are on high protein diet, especially during the initial attack phase where no vegetables are allowed. However, dieters can just have a certain amount of this food depend on the phase they are in. The daily allowance for oat bran during attack phase is 1 ½ tablespoons, while for cruise and consolidation phases are 2 tablespoons each. During the last maintenance or stabilization phase, 3 tablespoons are allowed daily.


  1. very nice progress, I'm so happy for you, keep it up girl 😀 you are beautiful. A question though, did you workout? coz I started Dukan too but not sure if i must workout everyday

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