This is my Delicious Carrot and oatbran cookie/biscuits (Healthy lifestyle idea) I use this whilst on the DUKAN diet

Change the ground oatbran element to regular oat bran if you wish, just fold in at the end.


  1. @rieseuk yes that is very interesting. If it is usable, then we could make up some sort of bread/toast using baking powder etc, instead of just having the galettes.

  2. @waddidusay wow I am sure it would not hurt. I think that the keeping the oatbran in it's normal state is purely for keeping hunger at bay! These are a nice Dukan treats.. Any one who really wants to be that strict can simply use the bran in it's normal state this would still work. I hope that helps. Thanks for watching

  3. I am just not sure if this would be considered Dukan friendly with the oat bran being changed into a flour. I would be interested to know what Mr Dukan says about it as he is very particular about what type /size of oat bran we use. Great experiment though!

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