I hope this helps. It is soooo easy to make. The pancakes take time and can get boring
Let me know you are out there and if you want more vids from me. K?
If you have other methods, let us know.
Oh and by the way, it is 1.5 tbs during your attack phase and 2 tbs during the cruise phase.

Update: 2016… once I added carbs back into my diet. I gained all the weight back.
And my body ballooned up with oedema and I could not lose the excess water for 5 months.
I will no longer go on a diet that completely rules out any food group. This diet is hard on the kidneys if done long term. I have taken years of studying many diet plans and have come up with a new one. I will have videos up in the future.
YOu can see my new plan on facebook.
It includes green juicing for lunch.


  1. I'm not on a diet but wonder if it's ok to eat any amount of oatbran. Like making a huge bowl of porridge of it. Is this basically the skin of the 'groat'? I usually have big bowls of oat groats so maybe my question has already been answered.

  2. good video. What I do with oatmeal is put a small plate over the bowl, but leave a small opening at the edge to allow it to vent, and I put a plate underneath. That way it doesn't make a mess 🙂

    I just had oat bran for the first time tonight actually and you nailed exactly what I thought it tasted like. Somewhere between irish/steel cut oatmeal and cream of wheat.

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